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[book cover] Sharing Breath

Edited by Sheila Batacharya and Yuk-Lin Renita Wong

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October 2018

9781771991919 (Paperback)
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Communication & Cultural Studies / Education



An extremely refreshing book in what is considered curriculum studies. […] Squarely situated in a Canadian context where the decolonization struggles of Indigenous people in Canada is the primary source of political, social, economic, and cultural injustice, the book is nonetheless theoretically and empirically rich enough to inform studies of embodiment in North America more broadly.”—Wayne Yang, University of California San Diego

Instead of privileging the mind over the body / spirit in our intellectual and political projects, embodied learning offers a means for knowledge construction that does not negate the materiality of our being. […] It is also a way for us to interrogate how our consciousness is developed and changed.” —Roxana Ng


About the Book

Treating bodies as more than discursive in social research can feel out of place in academia. As a result, embodiment studies remain on the outside of academic knowledge construction and critical scholarship. However, embodiment scholars suggest that investigations into the profound division created by privileging the mind-intellect over the body-spirit are integral to the project of decolonization.

The field of embodiment theorizes bodies as knowledgeable in ways that include but are not solely cognitive. The contributors to this collection suggest developing embodied ways of teaching, learning, and knowing through embodied experiences such as yoga, mindfulness, illness, and trauma. Although the contributors challenge Western educational frameworks from within and beyond academic settings, they also acknowledge and draw attention to the incommensurability between decolonization and aspects of social justice projects in education. By addressing this tension ethically and deliberately, the contributors engage thoughtfully with decolonization and make a substantial, and sometimes unsettling, contribution to critical studies in education.


About the Author

Sheila Batacharya completed her doctoral studies in Education, University of Toronto. Her scholarship in embodiment and embodied learning is fueled by her experiences teaching yoga and her curiosity and concern with articulating and practicing attunement to social-sentient embodied experiences in formal education and community contexts.

Yuk-Lin Renita Wong is a professor at the School of Social Work at York University. Her scholarship and teaching aim at deconstructing the colonial, racial, and gender power relations in the knowledge production and discursive practices of social work, and in re-centering marginalized ways of knowing and being.



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Copyright: This work is licensed under a เกมส์ยิงปลาออนไลน์Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). It may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided that the original author is credited.

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Sheila Batacharya and Yuk-Lin Renita Wong

Download1. Decolonizing Teaching and Learning Through Embodied Learning: Toward an Integrated Approach
Roxana Ng

Download2. Embodying Indigenous Resurgence: “All Our Relations” Pedagogy
Alannah Young Leon and Denise Nadeau

Download3. The Journey to You, Baba
Devi Dee Mucina

Download4. Being Moved to Action: Micropolitics, Affect, and Embodied Understanding
Randelle Nixon and Katie MacDonald

Download5. Volatile Bodies and Vulnerable Researchers: Ethical Risks of Embodiment Research
Carla Rice

Download6. Resistance and Remedy Through Embodied Learning: Yoga Cultural Appropriation and Culturally Appropriate Services
Sheila Batacharya

Download7. From Subjugation to Embodied Self-in-Relation: An Indigenous Pedagogy for Decolonization
Candace Brunette-Debassige

Download8. Integrating Body, Mind, and Spirit Through the Yoruba Concept of Ori: Critical Contributions to a Decolonizing Pedagogy
Temitope Adefarakan

Download9. “Please Call Me by My True Names”: A Decolonizing Pedagogy of Mindfulness and Interbeing in Critical Social Work Education
Yuk-Lin Renita Wong

Download10. Poetry: Learning Through Embodied Language
Sheila Stewart

Download11. Patient Stories: Renarrating Illness and Valuing the Rejected Body
Wendy Peters

Download12. Embodied Writing and the Social Production of Pain
Susan Ferguson

Download13. Class and Embodiment: Making Space for Complex Capacity
Stephanie Moynagh

Download14. Fighting Out: Fractious Bodies and Rebel Streets
Jamie Magnusson

Sheila Batacharya and Yuk-Lin Renita Wong

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