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[book cover] Small Cities, Big Issues

Edited by Christopher Walmsley and Terry Kading

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July 2018

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“Pulling together an immense amount of material about the governance of small towns, Walmsley and Kading observe the new reality of governing and living in a small city. What they offer is a larger and much longer picture of the effects of neoliberal policy on municipalities in Canada.” —Darlene Marzari, former Municipal Affairs Minister of British Columbia, 1993–96

“As the title of the book implies, municipalities, including smaller ones, are playing an increasingly important role in addressing major social issues such as homelessness and poverty. Municipalities find themselves on the frontlines and are being asked to do more with less. In response, many are developing innovative strategies to deal with these issues and are contributing to a collection of promising practices which need to be shared. This book provides important lessons for municipalities, particularly smaller ones, and case study research which details the inherent opportunities and challenges. While this book highlights the importance of municipal action, it also emphasizes the need for all levels of government to collectively work together if significant and sustained progress is to be made in addressing major social issues.” —Jonathan Coté, Mayor of New Westminster


About the Book

Small Canadian cities confront serious social issues as a result of the neoliberal economic restructuring practiced by both federal and provincial governments since the 1980s. Drastic spending reductions and ongoing restraint in social assistance, income supports, and the provision of affordable housing, combined with the offloading of social responsibilities onto municipalities, has contributed to the generalization of social issues once chiefly associated with Canada’s largest urban centres. As the investigations in this volume illustrate, while some communities responded to these issues with inclusionary and progressive actions others were more exclusionary and reactive—revealing forms of discrimination, exclusion, and “othering” in the implementation of practices and policies. Importantly, however their investigations reveal a broad range of responses to the social issues they face. No matter the process and results of the proposed solutions, what the contributors uncovered were distinctive attributes of the small city as it struggles to confront increasingly complex social issues.

If local governments accept a social agenda as part of its responsibilities, the contributors to Small Cities, Big Issues believe that small cities can succeed in reconceiving community based on the ideals of acceptance, accommodation, and inclusion.


About the Editors

Christopher Walmsley is professor emeritus at Thompson Rivers University. He taught social work for over 25 years at Thompson Rivers University, University of Manitoba, and University of British Columbia. He is the author of Protecting Aboriginal Children and co-editor with Diane Purvey of Child and Family Welfare in British Columbia: A History. He has also published numerous articles and reports on fathers and child welfare. He lives in New Westminster, BC.

Terry Kading is associate professor of political science at Thompson Rivers University where he teaches courses in Canadian politics, com-parative politics, and local government. He is also involved in several community-based research projects with a focus on social and economic challenges in the small city.



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Copyright: This work is licensed under a เกมส์ยิงปลาออนไลน์Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). It may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided that the original author is credited.


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Part I ? Displacement, Isolation, and the Other

Download1. Homelessness in Small Cities: The Abdication of Federal Responsibility
Terry Kading and Christopher Walmsley

Download2. Zoned Out: Regulating Street Sex Work in Kamloops, British Columbia
Lorry-Ann Austin

Download3. Needles in Nanaimo: Exclusionary Versus Inclusionary Approaches to Illicit Drug Users
Sydney Weaver

Download4. Being Queer in the Small City
Wendy Hulko

Download5. “Thrown Out into the Community”: The Closure of Tranquille
Diane Purvey

Download6. Fitting In: Women Parolees in the Small City
Jennifer Murphy

Download7. Walking in Two Worlds: Aboriginal Peoples in the Small City
Sharnelle Matthew and Kathie McKinnon

Part II ? Building Community

Download8. Social Planning and the Dynamics of Small-City Government
Christopher Walmsley and Terry Kading

Download9. The Inadequacies of Multiculturalism: Reflections on Immigrant Settlement, Identity Negotiation, and Community in a Small City
Mónica J. Sánchez-Flores

Download10. Municipal Approaches to Poverty Reduction in British Columbia: A Comparison of New Westminster and Abbotsford
Robert Harding and Paul Jenkinson

Download11. Integrated Action and Community Empowerment: Building Relationships of Solidarity in Magog, Québec
Jacques Caillouette

Download12. Small City, Large Town? Reflections on Neoliberalism in the United Kingdom
Graham Day

DownloadConclusion: The Way Forward

DownloadList of Contributors