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[book cover] Mission Life in Cree-Ojibwe Country

Elizabeth Bingham Young and E. Ryerson Young, edited and with introductions by Jennifer S. H. Brown

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December 2014

9781771990035 (Paperback)
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Our Lives: Diary, Memoir, and Letters

History / History: Canada / Indigenous Studies / Religion & Spirituality



About the Book

In May of 1868, Elizabeth Bingham Young and her new husband, Egerton Ryerson Young, began a long journey from Hamilton, Ontario, to the Methodist mission of Rossville. For the next eight years, Elizabeth supported her husband’s work at two mission houses, Norway House and then Berens River. Unprepared for the difficult conditions and the “eight months long” winter, and unimpressed with “eating fish twenty-one times a week,” the young Upper Canada wife rose to the challenge. In these remote outposts, she gave birth to three children, acted as a nurse and doctor, and applied both perseverance and determination to learning Cree, while also coping with poverty and short supplies within her community. Her account of mission life, as seen through the eyes of a woman, is the first of its kind to be archived and now to appear in print.

Accompanying Elizabeth’s memoir, and offering a counterpoint to it, are the reminiscences of her eldest son, “Eddie.” Born at Norway House in 1869 and nursed by a Cree woman from infancy, Eddie was immersed in local Cree and Ojibwe life, culture, and language, in many ways exemplifying the process of reverse acculturation often in evidence among the children of missionaries. Like those of his mother, Eddie’s memories capture the sensory and emotional texture of mission life, providing a portrait that is startling in its immediacy.

Skillfully woven together and meticulously annotated by Jennifer Brown, these two remarkable recollections of mission life are an invaluable addition to the fields of religious, missionary, and Aboriginal history. In their power to resurrect experience, they are also a fascination to read.


About the Editor

Jennifer S. H. Brown is professor emeritus of history at the University of Winnipeg. In addition to her many publications as author, she has edited a number of books, including Memories, Myths, and Dreams of an Ojibwe Leader (2009).



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Copyright: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). It may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided that the original author is credited.


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DownloadPART I ?Untitled Memoir of Elizabeth Bingham Young, 1927

“1859 & Sixtys”???|???Leaving Home???|???The Invitation to the North West???|???From Hamilton to Detroit ????|??? The Travelling Party???|???Detroit to Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Red River??? |??? Sojourn at Red River???|???From Red River to Norway House???|???Settling in at Rossville Mission???|???The First Cree Visitors???|???September 1868: A Brief Separation???|???The Chief Factor’s Cariole Ride???|???“Giving Out Medicines”???|???More on the Women???|???The Visit of Tapastanum???|???Queen Victoria’s Picture???|???Fish, More Fish, and Household Help???|???The Annual Requisition for Supplies???|???Christmas, a Recent Introduction???|???The New Year’s Feast???|???Smallpox and Measles???|???The Arrival of Eddie, June 1869???|???Little Mary and Eddie???|???Winter Travel and the Home Front???|???Prayer Meetings and Parcels???|???The Arrival of Lillian???|???Special Potatoes???|???“Still at Norway House”???|???The Birth of Nellie and the Pitfalls of Hospitality???|???Two Farewells???|???Back in Ontario, 1873–74???|???From Ontario to Berens River???|???“Where Are My Quilts?”???|???A Mother’s Crisis???|???Christmas Anxiety, 1875???|???The Birth of Florence and Other Memories??? |??? Witnessing Treaty 5 (and Two Mysterious Deaths)???|???Comment: Elizabeth Young’s Berens River Experience in Retrospect???|???Leaving Berens River, 1876???|???Life in Ontario Parsonages: Port Perry, Colborne, and Bowmanville???|???Our Last Two Children and Another Loss


Elizabeth Bingham Young: Method in Her Methodism

Mission Wives at Rossville: Some Comparisons

DownloadPART II ?“A Missionary and His Son” and Subsequent Reminiscences, by E. Ryerson Young


A Missionary and His Son

1??? Born at Norway House
2?? ?So Little to Do With
3?? ?Going to Church
4?? ?“Lend Me Your Little Boy”
5?? ?Scientific Evenings
6 ???The Food Supply
7?? ?My Mission Sisters
8?? ?Talking
9?? ?Operations
10 ?Pemmican
11? The Fish Pond
12 ?The Big Bad Wolf
13 ?Dogs
14 ?Welcome Home

Reminiscences of 1962 for the Years 1876 to 1898

Leaving Berens River, 1876???|???School in Port Perry, 1876–79???|???Other Memories of Port Perry???|???School Troubles and Father’s Response???|???Grace Amanda and the Death of Jack???|???Colborne, 1879–82??? |?? Bowmanville, 1882–85???|???Meaford, Brampton, and a Family Reunion???|???Four Decades in Methodist Church Ministry, 1892–1932

“As Darkness Steals upon Mine Eyes”: A Poem by E. Ryerson Young, on His Blindness

DownloadPART III ?Supplementary Documents and Excerpts

1??? Resolution, Quarterly Board of Hamilton City East Circuit, 4 May 1868
2?? ?The Rope from Hamilton, by Egerton R. Young
3?? ?Adventure with a Bull at Norway House, by Egerton R. Young
4?? ?Letters of Clarissa Bingham and Sarah Bingham to Elizabeth and Egerton Young, 1868–69
5?? ?“A Great Surprise to the Missionaries Wife”: Moss
6?? ?Women’s Work
7?? ?Sandy Harte
8?? ?Egerton R. Young’s Illness with Typhoid, 1872
9?? ?Schooling in Rossville: The “Infant Class” and Miss Batty’s Thoughts on Shawls
10 ?“Thanks to the Kind Ladies of Canada” : Egerton Young to the Christian Guardian
11? ?Transitions, 1873–74: Letters from Egerton to Elizabeth Young
12 ?Elizabeth Young’s Second Account of Ontario and Berens River, 1873–76
13 ?Two Letters from the Reverend Enoch Wood Regarding the Youngs’ Appointment to Berens River
14 ?Letter from Little Mar y to Egerton R. Young, 1887
15? Letter from Alex Kennedy, the Youngs’ Dog Driver, to Egerton R. Young, 1890
16 ?Elizabeth Bingham Young: Appreciations and Memories

Illustrations follow เกมส์ยิงปลาออนไลน์page 204



“Brown’s editing and her insightful contextualization of first-hand 19th?century historical material serve the reader well and add immeasurably to the joy of reading about these lively and endearing people. The grace with which this has been effected somewhat shields us from the difficulty of the task.”

Manitoba History


“Her memoirs offer an exceedingly rare portrait of mission life as seen through the eyes of a woman.”

United Church Archives