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[book cover] Praha

E.D. Blodgett with Czech translations by Marzia Paton

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March 2011

9781926836140 (Paperback)
9781926836157 (PDF)
9781926836362 (ePub)


Mingling Voices




About the Book

Prompted by renowned poet E.D. Blodgett's deep love for and intimate experience of Prague, Praha is a poetic homage to the legendary city's vital spirit. As they build on one another, the poems in the collection lift the reader over the threshold of purely mythic understanding and into the heart of one of Europe's loveliest and most venerable cities. Each poem is accompanied by a translation into Czech, encouraging even those who do not know the language to immerse themselves in its sound. Superbly complemented by the mysteriously eloquent paintings of Czech artist Robert Kessner, Praha offers the moods of Prague in its many seasons and in all its magic.

About the Author

E.D. Blodgett is professor emeritus of comparative literature at the University of Alberta and a distinguished poet. He held the Louis Desrochers Chair in études canadiennes at the Campus Saint-Jean from 2008 to 2010. His publications include Five-Part Invention: A History of Literary History in Canada, Elegy, and twenty books of poetry. His 1996 collection Apostrophes: Woman at the Piano won the Governor General's Award. He is a past poet laureate of Edmonton, Alberta.



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Copyright: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 CA). It may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided that the original author is credited.


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Praha | Praha

Castle | Hrad

Pomp | Pompa

Cemeteries | H?bitovy

Bells | Zvony

Pigeons | Holubi

Emptiness | Prázdnota

Opening | Otevírání

Light | Světlo

Trees | Stromy

Houses | Domy

Stones | Kameny

Lamps | Lampy

Dreams | Sny

Kings | Králové

Rain | Dé??

Cathedrals | Katedrály

River | ?eka

Rooms | Pokoje

Bird | Pták

Unfolding | Rozvíjení

Museum | Muzeum

Lilacs | ?e?íky

Girl | Dívka

Clouds | Mraky

Sun | Slunce

Rusalka | Rusalka

Saints | Svatí

Gardens | Sady

Faces | Tvá?e

Canals | Kanály

Boulevards | Bulváry

Gate | Branka

Steps | Schody

Forgetting | Zapomnění

Petals | Okvětní lístky

Fountains | Fontány

Parks | Parky

Leaf | List

Towers | Vě?e

Windows | Okna

Chiaroscuro | ?erosvit

Winter | Zima

Flower | Květ

Angelus | Klekání

Tram | Tramvaj

Night | Noc

Streets | Ulice

Cloister | Klá?ter

Snow | Sníh

Horses | Koně

Dust | Prach

Crows | Vrány

Ladies | Paní

Sleepwalkers | Náměsí?níci

Eternity | Vě?nost

Jewish Cemetery | ?idovsky h?bitov

Bridges | Mosty

Ecstasy | Extáze

Na Kampě | Na Kampě

God | B?h

Music | Hudba

Golden Praha | Zlatá Praha

Chestnuts | Ka?tany

Heart | Srdce