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[book cover] Zeus and the Giant Iced Tea

Leopold McGinnis

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February 2011

9781897425947 (Paperback)
9781897425954 (PDF)
9781926836331 (ePub)


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Click here to see Leopold McGinnis read an excerpt from Zeus in his natural habitat.

Audio excerpts from Zeus and the Giant Iced Tea:

Click here to explore the mall with Leopold McGinnis.

Click here for Salvation according to Leopold McGinnis.



About the Book

Crafting wings out of wax and poems from the underground, Zeus and the Giant Iced Tea is a dreamlike voyage through poetic narrative format, blurring the line between poetry and fiction. Exploring the frenetic lives of Mexican cowboys, robots, sultans, Greek gods, and convenience store clerks, Zeus and the Giant Iced Tea shatters preconceived notions of poetry and instead offers a more accessible strain of literary free flow.

About the Author

Leopold McGinnis doesn't know much about art, but he knows what he likes. Unfortunately, it's usually not the same thing everyone else likes, so he's just had to make his own. This includes three novels, The Red Fez, Game Quest, and Bad Attitude, and a collection of poetry, Poetaster.

In his spare time Leopold roams across the postapocalyptic literary landscape in search of beating hearts as the founding editor of Red Fez Publications, the online aftermath of a bout of unemployment, rejection-induced literary cynicism, and an inexplicable optimism for artistic change. Born and raised in Calgary, he has lived just about everywhere, including Toronto, where he currently resides.

For more information on McGinnis and his books, visit the following websites:



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Copyright: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 CA). It may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided that the original author is credited.


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Why Zeus and the Giant Iced Tea?


The city

Robert's Prison

A Good Day

The Big Shot

Zeus and the Giant Iced Tea

On the Trail of Ibn Battuta


The Three Amigos

El Mexicano

The Two Xs

The Muscle


In the vault of the keeper of dreams

The Secret

Ask the 'stache

The Method

In the Dojo

Who's going to fulfill my unreasonable expectations?


The Sultan Poems

The Sultan's Heart

In the Petticoat's Palace

The Sultan's Epiphany

In Petticoat's Kingdom

By Day


In Search of Another Ending

Her Return

Where the Garden Used to Be

A Gift for Rats and Spiders

The Sandstorm

What the rat reads in the corner of the dungeon

They Tremble

By Night

The Palace's Story

He Sees Water in the Desert

She Leaves a Poem in His Parapet

Look Upon This with Full Eyes, Prince

The Sultan Wakes


Best Before

Just the Handshake

The Drop

The Urn

The Big Thaw

The Failed Experiment

All Your Questions

The Last Generation

The Great Indian

Crash landing


A brief history of Gandhi

We Love Robot


Some Thoughts on Some Poems

Special Thanks

About the Author