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[book cover] The West and Beyond

edited by Alvin Finkel, Sarah Carter, and Peter Fortna

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July 2010

9781897425800 (Paperback)
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The West Unbound: Social and Cultural Studies

History / History: Canada / History: Indigenous / History: Western / Indigenous Studies



Award Nomination

Shortlisted for the 2010 Margaret McWilliams Award in Scholarly History

About the Book

The West and Beyond explores the state of Western Canadian history, showcasing the research interests of a new generation of scholars while charting new directions for the future and stimulating further interrogation of our past. This dynamic collection encourages dialogue among generations of historians of the West, and among practitioners of diverse approaches to the past. It also reflects a broad range of disciplinary and professional boundaries, offering new ways to understand the West.

About the Author

Alvin Finkel has taught Canadian history at Athabasca University since 1978. His main areas of research and teaching are the history of social policy, labour history, and Western Canadian history. Best known for his co-authorship with Margaret Conrad of the two-volume History of the Canadian Peoples, his other publications include The Social Credit Phenomenon in Alberta and Our Lives: Canada After 1945. His latest book is Social Policy and Practice in Canada: A History.

Sarah Carter is Professor and Henry Marshall Tory Chair in both the Department of History and Classics and the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta. Recent books include The Importance of Being Monogamous: Marriage and Nation Building in Western Canada and Montana Women Homesteaders: A Field of One's Own.

Peter Fortna is a historical and traditional land use consultant in the Fort McMurray area. His research interests include Aboriginal history, traditional environmental knowledge, and public history. He was also the co-organizer for "The West and Beyond: Historians Past, Present and Future" conference, on which The West and Beyond is based.



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Copyright: This work is licensed under a เกมส์ยิงปลาออนไลน์Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 CA). It may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided that the original author is credited.


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Part One. Frameworks for Western Canadian History

Download1. Critical History in Western Canada 1900–2000
Gerald Friesen

Download2. Vernacular Currents in Western Canadian Historiography: The Passion and Prose of Katherine Hughes, F.G. Roe, and Roy Ito
Lyle Dick

Download3. Cree Intellectual Traditions in History
Winona Wheeler

Part Two. The Aboriginal West

Download4. Visualizing Space, Race, and History in the North: Photographic Narratives of the Athabasca-Mackenzie River Basin
Matt Dyce and James Opp

Download5. The Kaleidoscope of Madness: Perceptions of Insanity in British Columbia Aboriginal Populations, 18721950
Kathryn McKay

Download6. Space, Temporality, History: Encountering Hauntings in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside
Amber Dean

Download7. The Expectations of a Queen: Identity and Race Politics in the Calgary Stampede
Susan L. Joudrey

Part Three. The Worker’s West

Download8. Capitalist Development, Forms of Labour, and Class Formation in Prairie Canada
Jeffery Taylor

Download9. Two Wests, One-and-a-Half Paradigms, and, Perhaps, Beyond
Elizabeth Jameson

Download10. Disease as Embodied Praxis: Epidemics, Public Health, and Working-Class Resistance in Winnipeg, 190619
Esyllt W. Jones

Download11. Winnipeg’s Moment: The Winnipeg Postal Strike of 1919
John Willis

Part Four. Viewing the West from the Margins

Download12. “Our Negro Citizens”: An Example of Everyday Citizenship Practices
Dan Cui and Jennifer R. Kelly

Download13. A Queer-Eye View of the Prairies: Reorienting Western Canadian Histories
Valerie j. Korinek

Download14. Human Rights Law and Sexual Discrimination in British Columbia, 195384
Dominique Clément

Part Five. Cultural Portrayals of the West

Download15. W.L. Morton, Margaret Laurence, and the Writing of Manitoba
Robert Wardhaugh

Download16. The Banff Photographic Exchange: Albums, Youth, Skiing, and Memory Making in the 1920s
Lauren Wheeler

Download17. Eric Harvie: Without and Within Robert Kroetschs Alibi
Robyn Read

Download18. “It’s a Landmark in the Community”: The Conservation of Historic Places in Saskatchewan, 1911–2009
Bruce Dawson




“[T]he depth and breadth of the essay in The West and Beyond indicate a renewed vitality in Western Canadian history, reconstituted as a field rooted in a particular geographic space, but at the same time attuned to broader sets of processes and other spaces.”

Great Plains Quarterly, vol. 31(3) 2011


“The essays in this volume are a fascinating snapshot of current scholarship about western Canada and reveal a crop of emerging historians who have expanded the reach of Western Canadian Studies beyond its earlier regional and analytical confines.”

Labour/Le travail