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[book cover] To Know Our Many Selves

Dirk Hoerder

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June 2010

9781897425725 (Paperback)
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Canadian Studies / Political & International Studies



About the Book

To Know Our Many Selves profiles the history of Canadian Studies, which began as early as the 1840s with the Study of Canada. Professor Dirk Hoerder discusses this comprehensive examination of culture by highlighting its unique interdisciplinary approach, which included both sociological and political angles. Years later, as the study of other ethnicities was added to the cultural story of Canada, a solid foundation was formed for the nation’s master narrative.

Against this background, To Know Our Many Selves focuses on why Canadian Studies may be used as a sound model for the study of other societies in a frame of Transcultural Societal Studies.

About the Author

Born in Germany, Dr. Dirk Hoerder was a professor in the department of history at the University of Bremen. After receiving a Master of Arts in History and Political Sciences from the University of Minnesota, he completed a PhD in Modern and Medieval History and English Language and Literature from Free University of Berlin. He was President of the Association for Canadian Studies until 2005, after serving as Vice-President for several years. He now teaches at Arizona State University.





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Copyright: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND 2.5 CA). It may be reproduced for non-commercial purposes, provided that the original author is credited.


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DownloadPreface — “A Beautiful and Complicated Country”

DownloadAcknowledgements — “A Land of Open Doors”


DownloadChapter 1. Traditions and Practices: From Colonial and Area to Cultural or Societal Studies

DownloadI. Framing Research on Canada: Burdens and Achievements of the Past

DownloadChapter 2. The Atlantic World: Creating Societies in Imperial Hinterlands

DownloadChapter 3. Canada’s Peoples: Inclusions & Exclusions

DownloadChapter 4. Self-Constructions: From Regional Consciousnesses to National Billboards

DownloadII. From Privileged Discourses to Research on Social Spaces

DownloadChapter 5. Privileged Discourses up to 1920: Scholarship in the Making

DownloadChapter 6. Substantial Research: The Social Spaces of the Geological Survey of Canada

DownloadChapter 7. Learning and Society: Social Responsibility, Educational Institutions, Elite Formation

DownloadIII. The Study of Canada: The Social Sciences, the Arts, New Media, 1920s–1950s

DownloadChapter 8. Data-Based Studies of Society: Political Economy, History, Sociology

เกมส์ยิงปลาออนไลน์DownloadChapter 9. Discourse-Based Reflections about Society: Where Were the Humanities?

DownloadIV. The Third Phase: Multiple Discourses about Interlinked Societies

DownloadChapter 10. Decolonization: The Changes of the 1960s

DownloadChapter 11. Visions and Borderlines: Canadian Studies since the 1960s

DownloadChapter 12. Views from the Outside: The Surge of International Canadian Studies

DownloadChapter 13. Agency in a Multicultural Society: Interdisciplinary Research Achievements

DownloadV. Perspectives

DownloadChapter 14. From Interest-Driven National Discourse to Transcultural Societal Studies

DownloadInterviews with the Author