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About the Press

Athabasca University Press is Canada’s first open access scholarly press. Founded in 2007 with the principal aim of reducing barriers to knowledge and increasing access to scholarship, we are committed to bringing the work of emerging and established scholars to the public. With both an open-access journal and monograph program, our contribution to the growing body of academic and literary work is significant and available to a global readership at no cost to the reader.

As we embrace new publishing venues and the opportunities they present, we maintain a rigorous process of peer review and a high editorial and production standard for all of our output. We support each project with careful and creative marketing that assures authors of our intention to ensure that all our published material reaches the widest readership possible.

Open Access

By embracing an open access publishing model, AU Press allows its scholarship to be freely available to readers on the internet. This means that readers can download all of our books from our website as PDF files. It also means that we take access into consideration when determining the price point of our books.

At AU Press, authors or editors retain copyright to their work but the published work is licensed for use under a Creative Commons license that protects the interests of the author while encouraging a broad readership.

For more about open access publishing, please visit our resources page.

Editorial Committee

For a list of our editorial committee members, please click here.

Publishing Partners

Athabasca University Press is a proud member of the following organizations.

The Association of Canadian University Presses provides support for continuing excellence in Canadian scholarship.

The Association of American University Presses supports its members with professional development programming, opportunities for collaboration, and public advocacy.

The Book Publishers Association of Alberta supports the development and success of Alberta’s publishing industry.

The Association of Canadian Publishers supports Canadian publishers by promoting Canadian books

Livres Canada Books supports Canadian publishers’ export sales activities.


We would like to thank the following organizations for their financial support.